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THE LONDON MUSEUM DOES IT AS WELL! Yes, the Loose Leaf Tea con has also reached the cafe in the London Museum. Yet another key location for visitors and tourists has joined in with the tea-bag in a pot being called Loose Leaf tea. Why must so…

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Equine Scam

Action Fraud warning to the public as equine fraud costs victims £70,000

3rd May 2018

  • Action Fraud is warning the equestrian community about a scam involving fake adverts of horses for sale.
  • Victims are told to pay an up-front fee for the horse and it’s shipment only to later find that it doesn’t exist.
  • Between 2014 and 2017, victims lost £68,717 to this fraud; an average of £3,436 per victim.

Action Fraud is warning horse buyers about fraudulent ‘for sale’ adverts. Fraudsters are placing fake adverts on reputable equestrian sale websites to scam victims out of large amounts of money. Fraudsters will even support their claims of the horse’s existence by supplying copies of relevant ownership documents, pictures and videos of the animal.   

Although the adverts claim the horses are located in the UK, victims are later told that they’re located elsewhere in Europe and that the horse’s shipment can be arranged via an animal transport company.

On agreeing to buy the horse, victims are then contacted by someone who claims to be an agent of the transport company, who asks them to pay the purchase price and shipping costs of the animal either by money transfer or a direct transfer of funds into a nominated bank account.

In some cases, victims are contacted about problems with the horse’s delivery, such as the need for vaccinations, special insurance or costs arising from veterinary fees and requests are made to cover these additional costs.

Head of Action Fraud, Pauline Smith, said:

“With such large amounts of money involved, this type of fraud can have a significant and severe impact on the health and wellbeing of victims.

“If you are looking to buy a horse online, it is vital that you thoroughly check the details of where you are making the purchase from and be sure to follow our advice below.

“We urge those who think they have been a victim of fraud to report this to Action Fraud.”

How to stay safe when purchasing a horse online:

  • Be wary of horses being offered for sale below their usual market value, particularly where the seller is looking for a quick sale due to a recent family bereavement, marital breakdown or other issues. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Be wary of purchases where the advert suggests that the horse is in the UK but the seller later informs you that it is in another country.
  • Be cautious when buying a horse without seeing it, particularly when the only option of a vet check has been the sellers vet.
  • Never pay by bank transfer for goods which will be subject to delivery as the payment cannot be reversed.
  • Be cautious of transactions where the seller or shipping agent asks you to make payment by sending money via a money transfer company as the payment cannot be reversed.
  • Check the country code of the seller’s telephone number and make sure it relates to the country that they claim to be in.
  • Every Report Matters – If you have been a victim of equine fraud, report it to us online or by calling 0300 123 2040.

How has this happened before?

Case study 1:

A victim lost £6,800 to this type of fraud. The victim was looking to purchase a horse and was in contact with the ‘seller’ who advised the total amount was for the horse, shipping, transportation and documents as the animal was coming from Germany. Victim A paid £6800 in total via Western Union and was later asked to pay another £1700 as the horse was stuck in Belgium and needed particular documents. The victim knew at this point that it was suspicious and managed to gain the seller’s phone number which they traced back to Cameroon. The victim then asked for the documents to be faxed through to her, however this was not done.

Case study 2:

A victim was looking to purchase a horse online, which resulted in them losing £2,600. The victim came into contact with the ‘seller’ through a website and had been informed initially that the horse was in Cambridge, only to later be informed that it was in Germany. The victim was told that the horse would be sent via a shipping company in Frankfurt and they advised a credit card payment could be taken for shipping fees. The seller claimed that the card was being declined and instead took payment through a bank transfer. An additional amount was requested as an insurance fee/ferry boarding fee. At this point, the victim became suspicious, would not pay the additional amount and called Action Fraud.

Case study 3:

A victim saw a horse being advertised online and contacted the suspect, who asked for the victim to make an electronic bank transfer payment of £2,300. The victim made the payment and was sent links from the shipping company to a spoof web page which made it look like the horse was in transit. The suspect then came back and asked for another payment for international clearance of the horse. The victim started to get suspicious and did some research to find that the payment the suspect was asking for did not exist and this is when the victim knew they had been defrauded.

Case study 4:

A victim purchased a horse from Hungary through social media and it was agreed that an advance fee of over £500 would be made via Western Union to cover the transport of the horse. The payment for the horse was to be made when it arrived in the UK. The seller then asked for more money. The victim then said he would not pay any more money, cancelled the deal and asked for the money to be refunded, at which point the seller said he had no money to refund.




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Green Park Station 2 Green Park Station

After a serious incident at Green Park Station, I have today sent the following open e-mail letter to Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London and purse-string holder of Transport for London (TfL):

Thursday, 26 April 2018


SADIQ KHAN, Mayor of London

Sent by e-mail.

Re: Dangerous flaws in Disabled Travel Information.

Dear Mr Khan.

Due to multiple points of damage to my spine (plus other problems), I am forced to use a mobility scooter when travelling.

Yesterday (25-4-18)at around 7.15am I undertook a journey from Shoreditch High Street to Kings Cross, which involved changing trains at Canada Water and Green Park stations.

Prior to this journey, as I had not used the Green Park  link before, I had checked with Assisted Travel Services,  staff at Shoreditch High Street station (my starting point), as…

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In the light of recent decisions made by The House Of Lords, I thought it only right to reblog this item from me on: 8th August 2016.

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Following recent decisions by the House of Lords with regards Brexit, I felt it was only right to reblog this item, first blogged by me on 8th August 2016.


Palace of Westminster The Palace of Westminster

It has always been seen as a shining example of democracy to the world, but I fear that the occupants of this democratic palace may bring the meaning of democracy itself to shame when faced with the result of the Brexit referendum.

The problem is quite a simple one really. The British people voted in support of Great Britain leaving the European Union. (Just the EU – not Europe!). This should have been a clear instruction to our Government. But what has happened?

Well we now come to the dilemma. Both of the Houses of Parliament (The House of Commons and the House of Lords) clearly have …

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Enough is Enough 1 Photo Source: Telegraph

I know that I was there. The reports coming from the television news seem to have been weirdly twisted, to what I found to be the quietest, calmest demonstration I have ever seen, and I can remember the Poll Tax Riots, the City of London riots against banks and bankers, and of course the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’.

Seeing the original notice on Facebook this morning, I went along to Trafalgar Square, from where they were supposed to march to Parliament Square. Come 5.55pm there was no sign of anything other than many confused people.

I made my way to Parliament Square, arriving there around 6pm where I found the whole square packed with around 1000 people.

There were around half a dozen Holocaust deniers, who were quickly but politely and firmly informed of the true facts in front of me.


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Today I attended a scheduled appointment for 2.30pm at the Sleep Clinic, (Clinic 6, East Wing, St. Bartholomews Hospital, London)

Having arrived 15 minutes early, I had a cheery and professional greeting from the receptionist, and seeing that there was only one other patient in the waiting area at that time, I thought that this was going to be a smooth standard visit. Perhaps I was being a bit over-confident.

Clinic 6 St Barts e. Wing

Clinic 6 St Barts E. Wing

A clinic nurse came out and took my weight and height in open

Medical Weighing Scales 1
The type of scales used.

view of the public using a standard Machine that you would find in most doctors surgeries, and amusement arcades, which are designed only for estimations.  Although I had told her that I have heavy items in my pockets, (that fell on deaf ears) and apparently when she noted my height, no allowance was made for heel height or inner shoe risers. All this when they have specially located confidential measuring rooms at each end of the reception desk which were unoccupied.

Ten minutes later this same nurse returned and asked me to go to Room 6 which was up the steps. There are only 3 steps (as you can see above) but to attempt to climb them without a secure hold on the other hand or arm, could have been risky in my case, so as there is a chair hoist right behind where my mobility scooter was parked ( I had parked it there as the hoist was blocked off by a chair which had a notice on it saying it was not to be removed.) I asked if the hoist were available, as I have trouble with steps. The nurse looked at me with a total blank expression on her face. The receptionist had to point out to the nurse that I was saying that I cannot climb stairs. The nurse said “Oh well sit down then, I’ll bring you out a form” so I sat again.

The same nurse brought out a form and pen. The form was one which assessed my sleeping problems. I had to fill out this form in reception with other patients walking past.

As I was filling this form, I heard the relative of the other patient, who had just been called in, saying angrily to the other nurse “I have to object to what you said, and the way you said it. He has limited hearing because of a plate, so he couldn’t have heard you!” They then went out of my hearing range.

My nurse returned, and collected the form and pen.

A few minutes later, I began to wonder whether these were really qualified nurses or clerks, so when I was alone in the waiting area, I asked the helpful receptionist. She assured me that they were fully qualified nurses.

Thirty minutes later I was asked to go to room 13, which is on the same level, and my case was handled quickly and efficiently.

I have always been one of those who are thankful for all the work that nurses do. They are fantastic and deserve to be paid much more than they are. In this case there was more empathy from the receptionist than the nurses.

Today’s experience has led me to thinking that perhaps these nurses had been in a clinic environment for too long, and need to spend some time in the main wards to polish up on their empathy and caring skills. Perhaps the time a nurse spends in the limited confines of a clinic should be kept to a strict limit!

As of now I am going to keep an eye on the nurses in all of the clinics I attend, just to find out if this is what happens to nurses who are out of the ward type environment, or whether these two were the exception to the rule, which I hope they are.

If you or a relative have received the same type of treatment, please let me know using the contact form below.




This is the junction you cross at your risk.

The junction of New Road and Commercial Road in the

East End of London.

The junction is part of the vitally hectic A13 east/west route, and is used as a rabbit run for those travelling north/south. This is resulting in too much traffic trying to get through at any one time.

The biggest problem is caused by vehicles which block off the junction when they know that they can’t get through their exit. This means that whenever this happens, the Green Man goes on telling pedestrians to cross, but they can’t cross safely because of the backlog of traffic remaining on the junction. As a result, pedestrians are forced to cross either in between vehicles or wait until the next Green Man signal, when the  same just happens again.

In mornings and late afternoon the situation is made worse with the hundreds of pupils who attend schools in the immediate area trying to cross, and eventually losing patience and just running over the crossing, through the queuing traffic.

It is even more difficult for those in wheelchairs and mobility scooters. I know of two of these  who dread having to cross this junction, but have no choice in order to reach their destinations.

As a result, this junction is an accident waiting to happen, unless someone steps in very soon.

Gravestone clipart

It is very clear that there is an urgent need for either police monitoring of this junction, or for a yellow box to be placed in it, preventing traffic from queuing up inside the junction.

If nothing is done, and soon, I believe that they could soon be calling ambulances, or a hearse, in the near future.

My message to the Mayors of London and Tower Hamlets – If nothing is done, and done quickly, some of your constituents may never be able to vote for you again. The ball is in your court.

Open Casket 1

Coming to a road near you soon!