Armed RobberArmed robbery in action.

The Metropolitan Police have released the following advice for anyone being the victim of an armed robbery.

  1. Close the premises. This will help preserve the scene and protect any evidence.
  2. Provide assistance to any customers or staff who may have been injured or appear to be suffering from shock.
  3. Phone Police. Dial 999 and say “There has been an armed robbery” then provide the operator with all the details they require.
  4. Do not touch anything that has been touched or left by the robber/s.
  5. Inform your Security Department if you have one.
  6. Secure any video images.
  7. Do not give any information to the press before speaking to the police.

Don’t forget that these tips are only intended as a guide, as things will probably happen very quickly.


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I am a disabled volunteer community blogger. My real name is Mark Mapstone, I am an ex Royal Marine and was a consultant to the commercial mailing and distribution industry. Why not visit some of my other blogsites?

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