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Everyone knows you can get a fake Rolex or a bogus “designer” handbag, but the world of counterfeit goods is much wider — and much weirder — than shoddy knock-offs of luxury goods. In times of financial distress, it may be tempting to cut corners and buy a fake. Sometimes, consumers may inadvertently purchase an illegal counterfeit when hunting for a better price. Either way, the result doesn’t just cost the real manufacturers money; it can be dangerous if the fake is shoddily manufactured or contaminated. Read on to discover some of the strangest goods people have faked for profit, and how you can avoid winding up with a knock-off.

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I am a disabled volunteer community blogger. My real name is Mark Mapstone, I am an ex Royal Marine and was a consultant to the commercial mailing and distribution industry. Why not visit some of my other blogsites?

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