Fake Air Bag testingTest of fake air bags – they failed!

A warning to all drivers who purchase a replacement air bag for their car –


There are fake air-bags that easily pass off as genuine – until you need them to save your life in an incident.

The fake ones are known to under-inflate to the point that they have almost no effect, and there are even some which explode leaving schrapnel in your face.

Two air bags deflated in the front seat of a carBoth British and American police, safety departments and trading standards are warning of these fake items.

They also add that there are also fake brake discs, wheel hubs, and many other items which could put the lives of yourself and your passengers at risk. It is always safer to use an authorised dealer. Remember, if something is cheaper, there must be a reason. These are vital life-saving pieces of equipment.

One dealer in America has made $1.4M (1.4 Million US Dollars) in one year by purchasing fake air bags from China and selling them on e-bay.

He has now been arrested, but there are plenty more out there.

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