Tower Hamlets Homes, an arms length management social landlord of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, for some reason, are insisting that if any resident has a rent credit which they wish to arrange repayment on, they fill in their requisition form and then wait for up to SIX WEEKS until they receive a cheque.
They say that it takes that long to do the paperwork.
Have you ever heard of such rubbish.
Seeing that all of their systems are computerised, the credit can be confirmed in seconds, as is demonstrated in any one stop shop within the borough when you ask for your account balance.
The only reason for this delay in payments is greed, and the fact that they can’t be bothered to arrange a cashiers point to give their tenants somewhere to get the money which is rightfully theirs.
Could it be that if tenants could easily collect their credits, the coffers of THH would drop by thousands of pounds, losing them a great deal of interest!
Come on Tower Hamlets Homes. You expect punctual payments of rent, so why should those whose accounts are in credit, the good payers, have to struggle to get their money back from you.
No other business would ever dream of keeping the money of good customers like this, they would not last long.

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