The Official Thames Water Logo, which will be on all identity cards in the Thames Water area.

The Metropolitan Police have been putting out warnings about a team of con-men and thieves posing as water board employees who are currently operating in the East End of London.

If anyone comes to your door saying that there is a leak nearby, or a flood in the area, and that they need to check your pipes or taps, you should make sure that they present you with official identification.

If for any reason you are not happy with their identification, DO NOT LET THEM IN. Call the police.

Remember, it only takes one workman to check your pipes in a genuine case, so if they insist that more than one person enters your property, insist that only ONE comes in, and make sure that when he is in, you securely lock the others outside, and stay with the workman all of the time, watching what he does.

Remember, a real workman will not ask you to do anything for them, such as fetch them a drink, or a glass of water, as this could just be a distraction for them to do something whilst you are away.

Remember – always check their identity

Only allow one person in.

If you suspect someone – CALL THE POLICE. Don’t be afraid to dial 999


This is not just a local problem. See this article from Trent Water


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