Victoria & Albert Museum 22-6-15 009Drinks Price List at the V & A

I today visited the Victoria & Albert Museum in South Kensington, and had an enjoyable visit – until I went to their café.

Once again I was dismayed to see how visitors are being fleeced by prices. The difference this time was that ANY type of tea, including such cheaper options as the typical English Breakfast tea, will cost you £2.65p for a small cup (and even drinking chocolate will cost you £2.95).

I notice it looks like they are also using the ‘loose leaf tea’ large tea bags con as well. (An extra large tea bag is still not loose leaf tea.) Surely this must be a breach of the trade descriptions act.

Once again London’s museums show us why it is that tourists often never return to London saying that it’s too expensive.

Wherever there is a monopoly for refreshments in a public place, you can guarantee that you will be fleeced these days.

I have a challenge. Other than the Ragged School Museum (where I know prices are fair) I would like any of you to let me know an attraction where prices are fair in Central London, and I will visit them and report back to you.

Although entry is free, by making it clear that they expect you to make a donation on entry, they will try to make you feel guilty if you don’t donate £4 at the entrance, and donate another £1 for a map.

I also found that the charges made for the special exhibitions were also exorbitant. Although the turnout was high to see them, the charges were even higher. This again is a common trait in modern museums. They seem to have sponsors who cover the cost of the exhibition, and then charge rediculess prices to visitors on top.


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    More and more smaller cafe’s are now being taken over by the big chains. Here is a good example of the results of these monopoly takeovers.

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