Remember - Fakes can be dangerous.

Remember – Fakes can be dangerous.



Official sources are now warning that there is a marked increase in the amount of fake and substandard goods being sold on the internet as original. Amongst the items included into this scam are; Sunglasses, Clothes, Handbags and general designer goods.

This means that the general public will be losing millions of pounds to the fraudsters who knowingly advertise these cheaper fake goods as genuine.

The only logical way to avoid this is to make sure that you only trade on-line with traders you know well and can trust. Only pay using your credit card or PayPal.

Price is often irrelevant. Sometimes an item will be offered at a cut price, at others it may well be sold at the full retail price to make you think it’s real.

The Action Fraud Alert service offers the following advice on their website:

  • Where possible, buy from well-known, High Street retailers. If you’ve never heard of a firm, or it is based overseas, be sceptical.
  • Avoid paying by cheque or bank transfer.  Use PayPal or a credit card as they will give you additional protection.
  • Search the internet. Type the website you are buying from and look for reviews of what others customers are saying about the company. Bad customer service feedback usually finds their way online quite quickly.
  • Check for spelling mistakes or poor grammar on websites as this may suggest the website has been put together by a fraudster.
  • Sign up to Action Fraud Alert at to keep you updated with what’s going on.

For further information on this scam follow this link to the Action Fraud Alert article.

Don’t be suckered.




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