Return of the Lottery Scams

Don’t be surprised if you receive a telephone call telling you that you have just won the 2016 Rio Olympics Lottery.

Yes, the old fake lottery scam is back with a new touch. This time they claim to be the official lottery of the 2016 Rio Olympics. As with the previous Lottery scams, they will tell you that you have won the lottery, and that all you have to do in order to claim your huge prize is to send an administrational or transfer fee.

You should know the rest by now. The administrational fee you send them will vanish into their bank accounts, probably somewhere in Africa, and there never was any lottery win.

For more information on this scam, follow this link.

Remember – you can never win a lottery that you have not entered in the first place.

What’s our motto?



About Mr. Bloggy

I am a disabled volunteer community blogger. My real name is Mark Mapstone, I am an ex Royal Marine and was a consultant to the commercial mailing and distribution industry. Why not visit some of my other blogsites?

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