Word is going around about a new scam which results in your car being jacked (stolen directly from you).

It happens when you top up with fuel at a garage, but could happen almost anywhere, so beware.

On returning to your vehicle, you start up the engine, check your rear view mirror and notice a piece of paper attached to your rear window.

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Natural instinct makes you get out (usually leaving your keys in the vehicle and your engine running) to see what it is.

As you reach the back of your car, a thief jumps into the drivers seat and drives your prize posession away. Not only do they get your car, but they will have everything in it. This could include a handbag, wallet, laptop, house keys, and much more. The criminals could also now have access to your home, bank accounts, credit cards, and know everthing about you. There is much more at stake than just your car.

How do you prevent this?

Do not get out of your vehicle if you see a piece of paper on your window.

Lock your doors instead.

If you have to get out of your car at a garage, remove the ignition key and lock the door. (Be careful though – a really determined car-jacker will force the key out of your hand).

My thanks to Racy Ferguson and John Mapstone who drew my attention to this scam on Facebook. If you know of any scam going on, let me know by using the comtact form below.


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I am a disabled volunteer community blogger. My real name is Mark Mapstone, I am an ex Royal Marine and was a consultant to the commercial mailing and distribution industry. Why not visit some of my other blogsites?

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