The Citizens Advice Bureau are sending out warnings about cold callers claiming to be from the Citizens Advice Control Centre, which does not exist, trying to get information from people and businesses.

Here is a copy of the entry from the CAB warning:

There is no such thing as the Citizens Advice Control Centre

We have just had a report of a scam where someone has been cold-called by a an organisation pretending to be from the ‘Citizens Advice Control Centre’. This Centre does not exist.

The scammers have asked someone for financial details of their business. The person was confused as their business is successful, and Citizens Advice supports people with problems. He was also confused as he’d last visited us seven years ago. Thankfully these suspicions prompted them to contact us.

The Citizens Advice central office will not contact you about an issue, as they do not have access to your contact details or case notes. The Bureau you have contacted will contact you directly to follow up on anything, and this will not come out of the blue. We will share with you the date of your last visit as confirmation that it is us, and will have your case notes in front of us to refer to. Otherwise a call might come from a caseworker who you have already been in touch with.

If you have contacted the Citizens Advice Consumer helpline, they will only phone back if you have arranged a call-back. You will then be asked 3 to 4 security questions, and none of these will be about your finances.

Note that Citizens Advice Bureaux and the consumer helpline do not pass on information on you to third parties without express permission. We would also inform you before we passed on information even if you have agreed to this by signing a registration form.

If you have received one of these scam calls report this to the Citizens Advice Consumer helpline on 03454 040506.


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