This could have been a good voice for the people, but was hijacked by politicians.

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Yesterday evening (Monday 16th November 2015) I thought I would go along to the debate about the Shoreditch Goodsyard, which is proposed to be built blocking the view from my windows and balcony.

The ‘debate’ was held in St. Leonard’s Church in Shoreditch High Street (at the junction of Hackney Road).

Church Noticeboard.Church Noticeboard.

The proposed project is believed to be for up to 7 new sky-scrapers as well as several smaller buildings, to include private ‘affordable’ housing, luxury housing and retail outlets.

All this in a area  of only 4.2 hectares., i.e. the now disused Goodsyard in Londons’ Shoreditch.

Watch film showing the impact of the plans

An extensive welcome was given by the Recter/Vicar Paul Turp, clarifying the history of St. Leonards’ Church, and it’s relevance to the local community.

Shoreditch Church

Vicar Paul Turp, Photo:Hayden West

This ‘debate’ turned out to be no more than a farce, a chance for the Mayors…

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