I today (Wednesday 20th Jan 2016) witnessed a Bethnal Green shop which recently experienced a fire that gutted the inside of the building, along with the stock and fittings, lining up fire damaged bottles of drink, and cleaning them, clearly to enable them to be resold.

Surely as consumables which have been subject to the fumes, heat and pollution caused by a major fire, these items should have been destroyed, not just wiped over with a rag, and then allow someone to innocently drink what could be a polluted item.

The heat from the fire would make all use-by dates invalid, as they were not intended to recover from a fire, and even with wiping the bottles over, there is still the threat of fire pollution being stuck either on the bottle or on and in the thread of it’s sealing cap.

There is also the possibility that the increase in the pressure within the bottles caused by the heat of the fire could affect the seal of the bottle, making the caps fly off like champaign corks.

I am also wondering whether the rejuvenation of these drinks is being done before or after the claim for insurance was made, and if these bottles of drink were included in the claim?

Bethnal Green 3-5-15 004

Before the fire

20-1-16 003

The secured building after the fire.

20-1-16 010

The cleaning up of stock ready for sale after the fire with bemused observers

Where are Tower Hamlets Health and Safety Officers Now?.




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