Lidl car park.

Lidl Car Park Danger

Urgent attention should be given to warnings being passed on from Lidl customers of two men in Lidl car parks asking women to “Smell this new Perfume”.

The ‘new perfume’ is in reality Ether, a powerful anaesthetic, a knock-out drug.

One sniff of this will put the victim unconcious immediately, leaving them vulnerable to theft of their money, keys, purse, car, not to think of anything else more violent.

It would appear that these criminals are operating from between two cars in Lidl car parks.

Although these thieves seem to be operating from Lidl car parks so far, it is likely that they will start to use the car parks to other stores, so unaccompanied women or those with young children, you should always be on guard if asked by anyone if you would like to smell their new perfume. Specially if you are in a car park.

Also see ‘Ether threat’

For further warning on this matter, click this link.


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