The Action Fraud Alert team are currently warning about fake e-mails which claim you were caught speeding.

At the moment the main area affected is Greater Manchester, but I expect it to spread quickly, so stay alert.

The sole aim of these e-mails is to get you to respond to see the so-called photographic evidence, which will release malware and allow access to your computer system. (Banking Trojan Malware)

Here is a copy of the original Action Alert warning:

Alert: Fake emails claim you were caught speeding

7th December 2016

Action Fraud has received thousands of reports about fake emails purporting to be from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) that claim you were caught speeding.

Analysis of the reports shows the emails have been sent by cyber criminals to victims across the UK and not just in the GMP area.

The emails claim that GMP are notifying you about a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) and have photographic evidence that you failed to adhere to the speed limit at specific date, time and location.

This is or course not true, but it goes on to say that because you have been named as a driver of the vehicle you have a legal obligation to comply with the provisions of the notice.

The aim of these emails is to get you to click on the link to “check the photographic evidence” which leads to banking trojan malware.

NIP’s are never sent by email, they are always sent through the post using a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) registered address.

Fraudsters website shut down

GMP’s Cyber Crime Team have acted swiftly in relation to these reports and have removed one offending website which was hosted outside of the UK. Please be aware though that fraudsters are using mutiple domains to send out this spam.

If you have receive one, don’t click on any attachments, delete it and report it to us.

Sign up for free to Action Fraud Alert to receive direct, verified, accurate information about scams and fraud in your area by email, recorded voice and text message.

 That was a copy of the original Action Alert warning:




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