Iceland, Bethnal Green

Why is Iceland, Bethnal Green starting to go down the line whereby they think their customers are stupid.

I stopped buying much in Tesco’s because they were working price ‘cons’ left, right and centre under the guise of marketing, for example, increasing the price of an item and then selling it at the ‘Special Price Of ……..’ thereby hiding the price increase and making the customer believe they are getting some special deal. Sadly Iceland is now going down the same line.

The clearest example is the price of portions of Uncle Ben’s 2 minute rice. Until now they, along with other similar rice products were selling for £1 per pack. All of a sudden, all of the £1 rice packets, regardless of brand, are mysteriously removed from the shelf, and a display appears near the check-out whereby if you purchase any three Uncle Sam’s items you receive a free second-rate wok free of charge. I thought great – the same portions of rice I usually buy were there, and as I normally buy 3 or 4 at the same time, I should get a free wok.

Until I looked at the prices. All of the rice packets which were previously £1, were now £1.70p. Instead of paying my normal £3 for my weeks rice supply, I had to pay £5.10p. So my question, Iceland, is where is my FREE wok. I’ve just paid £2.10p for it. So has everyone else who uses this rice type. Or any of  othe customers who usually buy the other brands of £1 portions of rice which were on the shelf previously.

Iceland – Do you honestly think we are so stupid not to notice this ‘con’? Especially as this is at least the second time you have pulled it on us.

Fool us once – more fool us, but fool us twice – we fight back.

While I am on about Iceland, what has happened to the 2 chairs they used to have near the checkouts, by the window. These chairs were the only place that the elderly and disabled customers had to sort themselves out after the rush of the checkout. Being disabled myself, I know just how important a piece of furniture they were. A chance to sort yourself out before leaving the shop.

When I asked staff about these chairs, one told me that they were removed on health & safety grounds, and someone else made a waffling story of how a child broke their arm on them.

I have also noticed that all customer signs informing them of the Home Delivery Service have been removed, you now have to ask if they are still running the service, which apparently they are – for now.

When you combine these matters, it makes you wonder just how customer unfocused this branch is becoming.

Iceland – You picked up a lot of your customers by their thinking you were so different to other stores like Tesco, in that you were more honest and forthright with your customers.

Maybe we were wrong,

and should now consider returning to other stores.


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I am a disabled volunteer community blogger. My real name is Mark Mapstone, I am an ex Royal Marine and was a consultant to the commercial mailing and distribution industry. Why not visit some of my other blogsites?

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