The following alert has been circulated by Hoax Slayer:

Netflix “Update Your Payment Information” Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from Netflix claims that the company has had some difficulties with your current billing information and you must therefore click a link to update your account.

Brief Analysis:
The email is not from Netflix. It is a phishing scam designed to steal your personal and financial information via a fraudulent website.

Update your payment information !
Hi ,
We face some difficulties with the current billing information of your own. We will try again, but please at the same time you update your payment details.
Update Account now
Do you need Help? We are here to help you, when needed by.
–Your friends at Netflix

Detailed Analysis:
According to this email, which claims to be from video streaming service Netflix, the company has faced some difficulties with your current billing information. It urges you to click an “Update Account” button to rectify the supposed problem.However, the message is not from Netflix and you do not need to update your account information as claimed.  In fact, the message is a phishing scam designed to steal your personal and financial information.

If you click the  “Update” button,  you will be taken to a fraudulent website designed to look like the genuine Netflix site. Once on the fake page, you will be asked to provide your Netflix account login credentials, your name and contact details, your credit card numbers, and other personally identifying information.

The criminals running the scam can collect all of the information you submit on the fraudulent page. Armed with your stolen details, the criminals can commit credit card fraud in your name and gain access to your Netflix account. If they have been able to harvest enough of your personal information, they may also be able to steal your identity.

Phishing scammers almost constantly target Netflix customers using variations of the scam message discussed here.

Be very cautious of any unsolicited Netflix message that claims that you must update account details, fix a billing issue, or verify your identity. If you receive such an email, do not click any links or open any attachments that it contains. Always login to Netflix via an official app or by entering the address into your browser’s address bar.

The Netflix website contains information about recognising and reporting such phishing attempts.


This alert has been circulated by Hoax Slayer

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