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Bentworth Court

I have often wondered what was going on in Bentworth Court, part of the Granby Estate, in Tower Hamlets.
Bentworth Court is a block managed by the Borough of Tower Hamlets’ arms-length management company, Tower Hamlets Homes.
It is intended as a place where older and disabled residents can live in peace and quiet, but this is clearly no longer of concern to Tower Hamlets Council, or Tower Hamlets Homes.
For a while now there have been people who look ‘out of place’ coming into and leaving the block with official security fobs, and Anti-Social Behaviour has been taking place around the building again.
It is now coming to light – Tower Hamlets Homes, apparently acting without consultation with existing residents, has come to approve the housing of ‘various groups of residents’ including Refugees, and other ‘Hard to Place’ groups into this sensitive block.
Below is am e-mail I have received from a worried resident of the block, which has helped spark this enquiry. I have removed any indication of the senders identity.
Hi Mark hope you’re well.
Just thought I’d send you an update of the situation regarding the above.
Specifically, the Noise Nuisance complaint I made some 3 months ago.
Following a period of action, to be fair, on my behalf by the Housing Officer.
Thankfully the situation has improved somewhat.
There persists however some incidents of the recurring problem.
Albeit strange, in that these consist of very short bursts of Noise Nuisance sporadically.
In the same vein though, I was informed by a member of THH head office staff some time ago that Tower Hamlets Homes had entered into agreements with various organisations, to provide accommodation for groups supported by them. The impression I was given during the ‘phone conversation was that groups consisted of refugees, as well as other ‘hard to place’ groups.
This would perhaps explain the incidence of anti-social behaviour being experienced by myself and others in social and general housing. A similar topic which I find it necessary to report to THH at this time is the noise from occupants of some properties using power tools (drilling, grinding, etc), within the properties, at all times of day and night. For example, on 30th April thru to 1st May, and 1st May thru 2nd May, at midnight or so until about 4 am, on both nights. Not particularly conducive to ‘getting a good night’s sleep’. I think you’ll agree. Anyway, there is some positive stuff out there too!
All The Best.


If anyone from the Council or THH would like to comment on this matter, I welcome you to use the contact form below:

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