Mark Mapstone aka Mr Bloggy, founder of this site.

Mark Mapstone aka Mr Bloggy, founder of this site.

This blogsite was concieved when I became frustrated with the terminology retailers and outlets use to sell their wares, and just what those catch-phrases and PR jargon do to confuse the purchaser. I was also frustrated with the slow end user dissemination of police warnings over crime trends, scams and cons.

As a result, this blog will be showing you just what the PR gurus mean when they label something as ‘Sale Offer’ even better ‘Special Price’. Just how much of a sale or how special is that price? Our aim is to make the purchaser more aware of the lengths that some retailers will go to just to make more profit. We will also be re-transmitting (reblogging) police warnings to the local community, and advising on current criminal trends in the area.

Some stories will be light-hearted or tongue-in-cheek,and some will be cold-blooded, but they should all make a point, namely, that someone is after your money, and they will take phenominal lengths to get at it.

It is hoped that there will be frequent posts following visits to stores and outlets of varying size and prestige, to see just how they are operating.

All entries into this blogsite are the opinions of the individual writer, and do not reflect the opinions or comments of any organisation.

I hope you find this blogsite enjoyable and educating, and bookmark as well as follow us as time progresses and the site grows and develops.

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