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I today attended the Travel Focus Group for Tower Hamlets held at the Idea Store at Whitechapel, only to realise that these group meetings are only being held as a tick box event, to show that meetings with the public had been carried out.

The first milestone was the fact that as the venue’s lifts were too small to take my mobility scooter, so it had to be left in the enrtance to the venue, forcing me to walk and use the lift up to the 3rd floor!

Then the refreshments arrived, only after we had already started the meeting!

The meeting was constantly interupted by late arrivals.

As well as attendees being asked what problems they had in getting to this very central venue, the meeting really focused on only three main subjects, Cycling, Walking and Driving.

If I hadn’t brought up some…

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Bus Stop Closed 1

Recently in my area there has been a TfL bus stop closed (Barnet Grove West Bound) for weeks now.

There is a small building site next to the stop, but there has been very little activity on the site to quantify total closure of this stop.

The biggest problems closure of this particular type of stop is to the elderly, pregnant ladies, and the disabled, many of whom use this stop, as the distance to the next one is quite a distance away.

I have noticed in the past that there are frequent bus stop closures in London for no apparent reason.



Do you have the same problem?

If you do suffer from unnecessarily closed bus stops, specially in London, please let me know using the  contact form below.

Any personal information will not be passed on to anybody whatsoever.

I look forwards to the results.



It has been drawn to my attention that arms-length housing association Tower Hamlets Homes could be downgrading complaints enabling them to take less action and save time.

An example pointed out to me was a complaint of Noise Nuisance from a neighbour, which for some reason or other has been downgraded to an enquiry.

A matter of Noise Nuisance should have been dealt with as an Anti-Social action, and been dealt with as Anti-Social Behaviour, which should have been dealt with rapidly. Instead it was downgraded to an enquiry, which requires no further action.



I am wondering if this is just the tip of the iceburg, therefore I am asking you to let me know if you have had this downgrading happen to you.

If you have been a victim of this downgrading practice, (with any Social Landlord, not just Tower Hamlets homes) please let me know using the contact form below.

I look forward to finding the results.


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Are University Lecturers Cutting Corners?


I have recently been speaking to a university student who was commenting that she was unhappy with the value for money she was receiving from her university lecturers.

It would appear that some lecturers are now preparing their lectures using systems like Powerpoint, but seem to be forgetting that the Powerpoint presentation systems are intended as an aid to lectures, not to replace it.

Those lecturers under question now seem to be giving lectures by reading out their Powerpoint presentation verbatim, and not embellishing or expanding on the contents.

Given how much our students are being charged for their University education, and how much they get into debt to pay for it, surely they are entitled to Lecturers actually earning their fees by adding their personal input into supplimenting the automated presentation given.

If lecturers continue to only read out their presentation verbatim, then there…

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? Just what is happening to care for the elderly and disabled within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets? ? John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets Just after hearing about Tower Hamlets Council stopping it’s funding for nursery services in the borough, resulting in the closure of…

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Dear Minister for Disabled Children and Families

Scope's Blog

Carly is an Autism advocate, consultant and professional speaker. She didn’t receive her Autism diagnosis until she was 32, after two of her daughters were diagnosed. She found it a battle to get the voices of Autistic women heard and in 2008 started to notice a lack of understanding and resources when it came to autism and girls.

In this letter Carly shares her thoughts on why she is supporting our Now is the Time campaign, and how a future Minister for Disabled Children and Families can help disabled children and their families get the best start in life.

Dear future Minister for Disabled Children and Families,

My name is Carly. I am an autism advocate, the mother of autistic daughters, and autistic myself.

Like many British disabled parents, we want our children to have a better tomorrow.

We have the passion and the drive. We won’t stop until all UK children have equity, including our disabled children. We don’t want anybody left behind.


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Homerton Residents Without Gas for Months!

Cold showers and nowhere to cook – people in Homerton block have gas shut off for months

PUBLISHED: 07:58 02 November 2018 | UPDATED: 08:20 02 November 2018

From Hackney Gazette, article by Emily Webber

David Taylor of Exbury House has been given two small fan heaters to heat his flat. Picture: Polly Hancock

David Taylor of Exbury House has been given two small fan heaters to heat his flat. Picture: Polly Hancock

People in a Homerton housing block are having to layer-up after being left with cold water and no heating for two months while temperatures plummet to two degrees

Nine Exbury House flats had their gas cut off on September 12 because a pipe needed replacing – and it could be out for another three weeks.

Both the gas network Cadent and Hackney council say residents shouldn’t be affected but David Taylor, 75, who leases his flat from the council, has been left having to heat his meals upstairs at a neighbour’s flat after having no gas stove or hot water.

Gas network Cadent provided him with two small electric fans to heat his entire flat and a couple of hot plates.

He said: “I don’t know why it’s taking so long. With the winter getting close now, something should be done.”

Neighbour Carl Stratton, 35, who owns his property, is left with having a cold shower everyday unless he travels three miles to wash at work.

David’s neighbour, Angel Willie, 53, is similarly affected, and said the lack of communication is frustrating.

“Hackney council didn’t even know anything was going on with our gas.”

She described the hot plates as “useless” and she is barely able to reach the one Cadent provided her.

She said: “There are always people on site but they don’t tell us anything. We are just in limbo. We are just standing still and we don’t know what to do.”

A spokesperson for Cadent said: “The work to replace the gas pipe was delayed after asbestos was discovered in the ground

“In the meantime people do have communal heating for cooking and heating facilities.

“The compensation will be given once the work has been completed.”

A spokesperson for Hackney Council said: “We are working as quickly as possible to restore gas supply to residents. The building has a communal heating source so all residents have access to hot water and heating as this is not linked to the gas supply.”

Cadent offered residents compensation up to £,1000.

However, Mr Stratton said he has not received any formal letter of compensation.

He said: “They are trying to cover their tracks and are not telling the truth.”

Cadent began erecting scaffolding on Monday but no work has yet begun to fix the pipework.

Cadent said they have received no complaints and the gas should be restored by November 21.

From Hackney Gazette, article by Emily Webber