In this section we will be listing scams used to get your money!

Fake Police, Bank or Building Society rep phones to get your credit/debit cards and pin numbers

Fake Dyson Engineers

Euromillions FIFA Scam

Drivers Bank Details Scam

‘Microsoft’ Slow Computer Scam

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  1. Dave Roberts says:

    There is also a version of the Nigerian advance fee fraud doing the rounds. Instead of asking for an up front fee to release money they ask for your personal details. Not bank ones however because that’s not what they are after. It’s identity theft and you will find yourself with a zero credit rating.

    • Mr. Bloggy says:

      Thanks Dave.
      I have transferred your comment into an individual article.
      If you come across anything else suitable to any of the Mr Bloggy sites, please let me know.
      Thanks again
      Mark (Mr Bloggy)

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